Boost Your Sexual Energy – Learn 3 Ways to Become a Sexy-Genarian Today | sexuality

What is a sexy-genarian? It is my new term for a man or woman who stays in touch with your vital sexual energy through the ages. Discover the top reasons to boost your sexual energy and learn 3 ways to become a sexy-genarian today.Why become a sexy-genarian?We all have sexual energy. It is a primal life force that fuels sexual chemistry and procreation while it promotes optimal health, vitality and well being.Scientists report that couples who enjoy an active sex life in a committed relationship stay healthier, more youthful and they tend to outlive single folks.I often tell my online community that making love and a loving home life is a fountain of youth. Seeking a lover to stay young with you is a healthy desire that may drive you to hire matchmakers and join dating sites until you meet your best match.Without commitment and frequent sexual intimacy with your love match, you may not receive the proven health and longevity benefits, known in pop culture as sexual healing.What if you aren’t expressing your sexual energy in a relationship?Like the energy from the sun, you can’t deny the existence of your sexual energy.It attracts like-minded people into your daily life and love life.It repels those who sense they may be burned or consumed in your sexual fire.You can choose to stifle your sexual energy, like clouds hiding the sun’s rays.
Can you expect crops or self growth without sunny days?Or you can boost your sexual energy and express it in positive, creative ways.Here are 3 ways you can become a sexy-genarian today:1. Sexy AttitudesNeuroscientists now tell us that your greatest sex organ is your brain. Smart is sexy. It’s smart to see solutions instead of problems, see miracles instead of obstacles and celebrate the masculine and feminine energy that promotes new growth, good health and well being.2. Sexy Action PlansThink of your body as a finely tuned luxury vehicle and treat it accordingly.If you want optimal performance, avoid junk fuel.Choose premium whole foods, spend time with optimistic friends, get holistic health tune ups that maintain fitness in body-mind-spirit.Sexy action plans are for men and women who maintain a sexy body by keeping your skin glowing, your nails buffed, your hair shiny, your scent fresh, your spine flexible, your muscles strong and your spirits high. Now you’re finely tuned for the next step.3. Sexy InteractionsYour sex appeal is a result of healthy action plans and attitudes, not sexy clothes nor cosmetics nor seduction strategies.Like attracts like. If you stay in touch with your healthy sexual energy and you enjoy being a sexy-genarian, then you will attract sexy-genarians into your life and love life.